GeoMax Zoom 10

Geomax Zoom 10 Latest Model Total Station

  • Accuracy 2″ seconds
  • Reflector-less, Non-Prism 300 Range
  • Compensation Dual-Axis
  • Operating Time 10-16h
  • Upgraded EDM & Main Board
  • Long-distance measurement
  • Abun surveying programs
  • Long-time operation


Geomax Z00m 10 Total Station

The Z00m10 Pro is your economic choice when price counts as much as performance. It provides seamless data flow via USB stick, coaxial reflectorless measurements and a full set of applications. These benefits are proving again the best price-to-performance. With its 250 m reflectorless measurement range, 2” and 5” angle accuracy, a large bright display and simple to use applications, the Zipp10 Pro is your ideal tool for all surveying or construction Tasks. Easy connectivity Easily connect back to the office with USB memory stick functionality, Bluetooth® transfer, and plug ’n play technology. Robust performance With a 250 m non-prism range, coaxial visible laser beam, and sealed durable housing, the Zipp10 Pro can work in the most challenging environments. Multifunctional keyboard With direct access to apps, quickly navigate to the needed function and read the results easily. Simple exchange The Zipp10 Pro is the world’s first total station in its class featuring a simple exchange via USB stick of all your data and files. Transferring data between different total stations or the office is now easier than ever and liberates you from the need to use any PC. Keeping your total station where you need it – in the field!